Our Mission Statement:

To provide our naturist children a fun, safe and
educational summer camp experience
in keeping with our naturist values.

Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat
11 Cow Run Road
Peebles, OH 45660


Get Ready for Kids Kamp 2020…Sensory Explosion   June 22-27, 2020 

From Director Mr. Rick….

Sensory Explosion will be an exploration of how we experience and perceive the world around us. Each day of the week will focus on a
different sense. Through projects, games and experiments we will learn how to more fully experience our surroundings.

Less than 1% of the light spectrum is visible to humans. Some creatures can utilize other parts of the light invisible to us. What would it be like to be able to experience other frequencies of light? What would we see?Likewise, your senses of smell and sound are very limited when compared to a dog. What would it be like if we could detect scents like a dog? Would it be a superpower or a curse? What if we could have X-Ray vision? How different would your world be if you could see
nothing at all? We will explore the science behind how our senses work and how in the future, they might even be artificially improved.

Imagine a Kaleidoscope for every sense…that is Sensory Explosion!

As always, every day is packed full of activities from yoga, hiking, volleyball, and swimming, to art projects and movies. (note: subject to some variations).”


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What’s New for 2020?


Meal Plan Change 

The 2019 meal plan which included breakfast and lunch was such a hit that parents and staff requested that the Flamingo Cafe provide all the meals. Sherry and Robert agreed to the menu plan. They will now provide all the meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meal plan cost is $75 per person for Monday through Friday of Kids Kamp.

Contact Information

Kids Kamp now has its own email address. Please direct any communications to CTkidskamp@gmail.com.


Kamp is expected to max out at 30 kids this year (an increase from 2019 which counted 24 kids). A number of our families have 2, 3, even 4 kids to participate. Our staff give a weeks vacation to facilitate this program. Last year was an awesome surprise as we had all the meals covered and a number of tuitions. We hope that 2020 is equally supported.


Meal Plan Sponsorships – Goal 40 meal plans (kids and staff)

For $75 you can sponsor a child or staff member for the week of Kids Kamp. That includes 15 meals. Having the meals prepared and ready is a HUGE help when keeping the schedule on track.

Tuition Sponsorships – Goal 10 tuitions

For $100 you can sponsor tuition for the week for a kamper. This is appreciated by those who have multiple children attending.

How to Sponsor?

Email Susan at CTkidskamp@gmail.com for more information or to send in a pledge. Monies can be sent in via check, venmo or zelle.


AANR Articles 

Experiential Learning and Naturism

From AANR  THE BULLETIN April 2019
By Rick Sloan, Kids Kamp Director

When parents ask about our week-long summer camp program for naturist kids, they often inquire about our claim that it is not only fun but educational. I explain that, in addition to the hours spent daily in activities like swimming, volleyball, yoga, hiking, and games, we have an educational theme that underpins our entire week of activities. This invariably leads into a discussion about experiential learning and how it works.


Each year, we put together a curriculum that allows a child to learn through doing. Experiential learning is much more than simply listening to a dissertation or watching a video. It is actually experiencing the materials in a much deeper way.

A good example are the biology experiments that the kids performed last year. The kids not only erected their own biology lab as a team, but they then went out and collected biological samples to grow cultures from and view under microscopes. We explained the proper way to use sterile lab procedures and to collect samples for their petri dishes. The kids then went out and took swabs from all kinds of living things that were found around the resort. They monitored their cultures in the lab and viewed them as they grew day by day. When these kids go to the doctor and have their throats swabbed, they now understand what it is for and how the swab can be used to grow a culture, because they have personally done similar experiments.

(Note: Rick is a regular contributor of Family Friendly Nudism articles to THE BULLETIN. Having raised two daughters in the nudist lifestyle, he has ample stories to relate to parents and members.)

Let’s Look Forward to Yoga 2019

From AANR Bulletin February 2019.

One of the popular yearly activities for Kids Kamp is first-thing-in-the-morning-yoga. When we first started the class years ago, it was a “see if the kids appreciate it” type experiment. For 2019’s Kamp, we are still going strong and want to spotlight our instructor Eva Blanchard – a yoga enthusiast since the age of 12. So far, she has been teaching a simplified adult class to the kids. Last November Kids Kamp sponsored her in a yoga workshop geared for teaching kids.

One of the biggest things she learned was how to lead young children in games that incorporate yoga. Things like Yogi Says… instead of Simon Says… or musical mats where music is played and when the music stops, the kids form the pose that is called out by the teacher.

Another great relaxation technique called CALM is where the kids sit quietly and say each letter in the word CALM while touching their thumb to each of their four fingers. This can be done four or five times along with breathing in and out to help calm the mind and emotions. This is a practical tool before a test or sporting event or just when a child needs a moment to collect themselves.

For kids it is about helping them feel comfortable in their bodies and learn simple methods to relax and regulate themselves when they get overwhelmed or overly emotional. The yoga movements and breathing techniques provide the framework for the overall goal of helping them feel good in their skin and have a smile on their face.

For Eva, Kids Kamp was her first experience teaching nude yoga. Not having clothing on fits well with yoga since there is no pinching or other clothing restrictions holding one back while doing the poses. With Kids Kamp, the outdoors adds the benefit of fresh air and sun on the skin.

As the week progresses the kids try to hold a pose longer or make adjustments so they can be more adept at the posture. Their attention usually improves throughout the week so that she is able to teach a slightly longer class each day and allow them to stay in each stance just a bit longer.

Each year the ones that were at the previous year’s Kids Kamp ask about the yoga class or tell her about teaching a pose to their friends at school. They stay focused during the whole session and participate to the best of their ability. This activity has been so well received that Cedar Trails’ members have asked to join in the morning routine.

According to Ms. Blanchard, “I love doing yoga. Having the opportunity to share it and grow in my skills is very fun. The kids respond really well to the class which makes it energizing and inspiring. They help me bring my best self to the class.”

History: 7 Years of Kids Kamp Themes

  • 2012 5 day curriculum: Fossils, Life in the Pond, Life in the Woods, Alternative Energy, Phun Physics
  • ​2013 5 day curriculum: Art and Music, Phun Physics, Fossils and Rocks, Life in the Pond, Life in the Woods Alternative Energy, Back to Basics Play time
  • ​2014 5 day curriculum: Primitive Cultures, Greco/Roman Cultures, Native American Day, Nature Discovery Day, Day at the Beach
  • 2015 central theme – Survivor
  • 2016 central theme – Self Discovery
  • 2017 central theme – Fusion, Where Art and Engineering Collide
  • 2018 central theme – Beyond, Adventures in Colonizing Space
  • 2019 central theme – Changing Lives Through Science
  • 2020 central theme – Sensory Explosion!