Plan now for your 2018 AANR-MW Convention which will be held again at Fern Hills Club (FHC) July 15-22nd, 2018. Rental cabin units may already be sold out but plenty of RV, 5th wheel, travel trailer and camping spots are available. If your family plans on attending in 2018, call FHC today at 812.824.4489 and make your reservations.
The 2018 Convention theme is “Summer Road Trip. A Wonderful Week of Nudism”.
Families are encouraged to attend Convention together. Convention offers daily organized activities for all ages from the Children/YAMS  on up to Adults/Seniors. Fifteen YAMS (ages 5-12) participated at the 2017 Convention, our largest group in a long time. Seven JAMS (ages 13-18) participated in 2017 at Convention, too.
Registration at the 2018 Convention begins at Noon Sunday, July 15th. Attendees and campers are allowed to come earlier, at any time, any day. Just call FHC to make reservations.
The itinerary of week-long events will be listed here soon but here is a sample from 2017 of what you might expect this year:
  • On the first Sunday evening we began with Karaoke at The Roost while others played Volleyball pickup games until late under the lights.
  • On Monday morning Junior AANR-Midwest (JAM) and Young AANR-Midwest (YAM) began their week-long activities and we played Bingo at the “The Roost” in the evening.
  • On Tuesday following breakfast at the cafe, Retro Volleyball was played, with all skill levels invited to participate. The AANR-MW Board of Directors met in the morning.
  • Wednesday the Yams and Jams continued their activities, and golfers were invited to bring their clubs and join in as we went off site to play 18 holes.
  • The singles dart tournament was held in the evening and Betty’s midnight Golf cart ride was held in honor of “Betty Boop”.
  • Throughout the week we hosted more events such as Pickleball, petanque, badminton, horseshoes, doubles darts, bean bags, card games like Texas Holdem and Euchre, Ladder Ball, Free Bingo night sponsored by AANR-MW with prizes, and of course Volleyball.
  • WINR (Women in Nude Recreation met on Friday.
  • On Saturday night we held an outdoor awards presentation followed by an outdoor dance. The group Nudie Blues played into the night.

For 2018, awards for each event will again be high quality beach towels embroidered “2018 AANR-MW CONVENTION – FERN HILLS CLUB”. Throughout the week, the cafe will be open for dining, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We hope to see you and your family at FHC July 15th – 22nd, 2018, in Bloomington, Indiana!
Richard Quigley
President AANR Midwest