Even if many of the clubs and facilities in our region tend to be a bit more quiet during cooler weather months, the AANR Midwest organization works hard throughout the year. For example, our Board continues to meet and discover ways to make our region better than ever for  members and clubs. Of course, we always look forward to bringing everyone together again at our annual Convention. Plan now to attend the 2020 AANR Midwest Convention which will be held again at Fern Hills Club (FHC) July 19-26th, 2020.
Families are encouraged to attend Convention together. In fact, Convention offers daily organized activities for all ages from the Children/YAMS  on up to Adults/Seniors. Plans for the 2020 Convention are still taking shape, but you can click here to see what we did during the 2019 convention.
We hope to see you and your family at FHC July 19th – 26nd, 2020, in Bloomington, Indiana!
Richard Quigley
President AANR Midwest